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Cats Production is an international entertainment and production company with a team of 50+ unique artists. It was founded by acclaimed artists Manel El Mallat & Kristian Abou Anni in 2013. Although it is based in Lebanon, Cats Production’s artists have performed around the four corners of the world.
Cats Production’s entertainment stands out through its ability to create unique concepts perfectly tailored to fit each theme required and ambiance requested. What distinguishes Cats Production from others in its field is its innovation, creativity, and quest to revolutionize the entertainment industry on a local, regional and international scale.
what we do
we do
Cats Production’s services are divided into two separate departments, entertainment and production. The first involves entertainment consulting. Cats Production provides a very distinct and diverse line-up of local and international artists. From singers, to musicians, to dancers, to acrobats, we have it all, and our services are adapted to your tastes and likes. Cats Production offers its large range of services on numerous occasions, such as festivals, weddings, private parties, concerts, fashion shows, and corporate events, among others. A big team of professionals, including artists and the management team, cooperates to guarantee your event goes off without a glitch. The second department entails production. Cats Production prides itself on not only providing production services for your events, but managing the artists that will perform within them. The department also includes costume design and rental. Our wardrobe department offers a large variety of costumes and outfits for all types of events, such as advertisements, films, concerts, theatre, music videos. Aside from availability for rental, costumes can be custom-made for your special occasion by our team of designers.
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